Oracle Virtual Network add Support for SPARC server

this link announce the oracle virtual network support for SPARC server T5, T4 and M5 and Solaris 11 for SPARC and x86.

Oracle Virtual Networking can help customers achieve results like these:

  • Improve application performance by 4 times
  • Reduce infrastructure complexity by 70 percent
  • Cut LAN and SAN capital expenditures by 50 percent
  • Accelerate virtual machine migrations by 19 times
  • Provision new services and reconfigure resources in minutes, not days

Oracle Fabric Interconnect




I/O Modules

Hot swappable I/O modules provide storage and network connectivity.

  • Oracle Fabric Interconnect Quad Port 10 Gb Ethernet Module
  • Oracle Fabric Interconnect Ten Port 1 Gb Ethernet Module
  • Oracle Fabric Interconnect  Single Port 10 Gb Ethernet Module
  • Oracle Fabric Interconnect Dual Port 8 Gb Fibre Channel Module

Host Adapters

  • Oracle Fabric Interconnect connects to InfiniBand host adapters.

Fabric Extenders

  • For enterprise scalability Oracle’s line of InfiniBand switches provide additional server ports, enabling scalability to hundreds of servers within a single management environment.


  • Xsigo has good support for linux, window (hyper-V) and ESX environment
  • solaris  features need lots to catch up e.g. pxe boot, iscsi, fc boot etc
  • The unified Fabric idea and SDN  is a good one,
    • not sure the user would would adopt the oracle solution,
    • not sure Oracle sale rep and tech rep know how to sale this type of product
  • oracle will need to offer “integrated engineered system” that include this new product
  • Xsigo Fabric Manager  and Performance Manager GUI will need to quickly integrated into OEM so user need to deal with one GUI

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