Oracle ECI announcement

Oracle Optimized Solution for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure for x86 and SPARC


  • Single-vendor solutions, HW and SW and from Apps to Disk
  • extensive testing at Oracle, pretested, preoptimized, validated configuration a stable configuration
  • Deployed in two days
  • General purpose, flexable and scalable v12n infrastructures to run
  • any Oracle Solaris apps, Oracle DB or Middleware solution
  • best practices for delivering high service levels, enhanced security and maximum effiency
  • <=10 SPARC T4-2 servers
  • Solaris 10, Solaris 11 and Zone
  • OVM 2.2 for SPARC
  • ZFS appliance 7420
  • 2x 72 port TOR 10ge Switches
  • OEM 12c , Oppscenter 12c run on SPARC T4-1
  • image
  • image
  • image



    • For HA one can add Oracle Solaris Cluster and Live Migration
  • x86 ECI
    • image
    • Solaris or Linux
    • OVM for x86
    • SB6000 Chassis
    • SB x6275M2 server with 10GbE module
    • SB 600 Ethernet Switched NEM 24p 10GbE
    • ZFS appliance
    • image

Some observations:

  • SB6000 ECI  was announced last year
  • Not sure why there is not T4-B1 version?
  • there could be version that are based on x4170M2 or x6170M3 but may be just like exalogic system
  • Oracle really need a 2U  two socket T server or even 1U two socket T server for the Cloud

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