Oracle Platinum Services

Oracle announce the Platinum Services

  • Providing the highest level of service in the industry, Oracle Platinum Services offer:
    • 5 minute severity 1 issue  Response
    • 15 minute restoration or escalation to development
    • 30 minute joint debugging A 24×7 escalation process and hotline ensures customers are routed to specialized product experts for immediate access to advanced support and development engineers
    • 24/7 monitoring  Covered components are monitored for faults remotely around-the-clock, providing a single point of accountability for the Oracle stack
    • Quarterly patching and system updates  Customers gain fast access to improvements and new innovations, helping ensure better system performance
    • Proactive services to anticipate, identify and remediate issues
    • Available now for Exadata, Exalogic, SPARC Supercluster and Oracle Cloud. These Platinum configurations are engineered together, tested together and supported together.
    • Issues requiring development resources are escalated to the Oracle team that built the product.
    • To access Oracle Platinum Services, customers install a patented, secure monitoring gateway which extends the Oracle Support Cloud into their environment.
    • Oracle Platinum Services are available immediately, at no additional cost, to qualifying Oracle customers as part of their standard Premier Support contract

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