Oracle Cloud Strategy

Oracle Cloud Strategy


  • introduced Oracle Cloud Social Services, a broad Enterprise Social Platform offering.
  • Oracle Platform Services, Application Services, and Social Services, all completely managed, hosted and supported by Oracle.
  • Offering a wide range of business applications and and platform services,
  • enables easy self-service for both business users and developers



  • Oracle Cloud Platform Services
    • Database Services to manage data and build database applications with the Oracle Database.
    • Java Services to develop, deploy and manage Java applications with Oracle WebLogic.
    • Developer Services to allow application developers to collaboratively build applications.
    • Web Services to build Web applications rapidly using PHP, Ruby, and Python.
    • Mobile Services to allow developers to build cross-platform native and HTML5 mobile applications for leading smartphones and tablets.
    • Documents Services to allow project teams to collaborate and share documents through online workspaces and portals.
    • Sites Services to allow business users to develop and maintain visually engaging .com sites
    • Analytics Services to allow business users to quickly build and share analytic dashboards and reports through the Cloud.
  • Oracle Cloud Application Services
    • ERP Services: A complete set of Financial Accounting, Project Management, Procurement, Sourcing, and Governance, Risk & Compliance solutions.
    • HCM Services: A complete Human Capital Management solution including Global HR, Workforce Lifecycle Management, Compensation, Benefits, Payroll and other solutions.
    • Talent Management Services: A complete Talent Management solution including Recruiting, Sourcing, Performance Management, and Learning.
    • Sales and Marketing Services: A complete Sales and Marketing solution including Sales Planning, Territory Management, Leads & Opportunity Management, and Forecasting.
    • Customer Experience Services: A complete Customer Service solution including Web Self-Service, Contact Centers, Knowledge Management, Chat, and e-mail Management.
  • Oracle Cloud Social Services
    • Oracle Social Network to enable secure enterprise collaboration and purposeful social networking for business
    • Oracle Social Data Services to aggregate data from social networks and enterprise data sources to enrich business applications.
    • Oracle Social Marketing and Engagement Services to enable marketers to centrally create, publish, moderate, manage, measure and report on their social marketing campaigns.
    • Oracle Social Intelligence Services to enable marketers to analyze social media interactions and to enable customer service and sales teams to engage with customers and prospects effectively.
  • Observations:
    • LJE said each customer get  own VM, seems to imply that oracle cloud use VM in exadata, VM is already used in exalogic
    • There are no mentions of PSFT,  E-BS , Siebel and JD Edwards etc
    • unclear this is only  linux only or will offer Solaris , no mention of Solaris
    • unclear this is x86 only or SPARC will be in the mix, no mention SPARC SuperCluster
  • Main Oracle cloud link and webcast replay

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