Intel E5-4600, E5-2400, E3-1200 v2

Intel announce new Xeon chip  E5-4600, E5-2400 and E3-1200V2 to join E5-2600

  • E5-4600 support  four-socket server
    • 4, 6, 8 core/socket, <=32 core/system
    • 4 memory channels , 48 DIMMS , <=1.5TB
    • 40 channel PCIe3
    • 256 bit AVX ,TXT
    • 95-130W
  • E5-2400 support two-socket servers (Low End, Lower Power)
    • 4,6,8 core/socket
    • 3 memory channel <=384 GB)
    • 24 PCIe  lane
    • 60W-95W
  • E3-1200 v2  data security for small businesses as well as professional-grade graphics for entry workstation customers
    • 2, 4 core/socket
    • 3-8MB E$
    • <=32MB RAM
    • 17-87W

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