Loongson 龙芯 3A and 3B News

this link discuss the Loongson 龙芯 3A and 3B and Fedora13 Loongson edition



Loongson series product configuration:

Loongson 3A (quad-core CPU):

  • 65nm process,  four 1GHz, GS464 processor core
  • clocked at 1GHz, consumes less than 15W, 4MB shared L2 cache
  • integrated 2 DDR2 / 3 controller, two HT controller
  • integrated PCIX / PCI, LPC, UART, SPI, GPIO interface
  • 425 million transistors, an area of 173mm2
  • double-precision floating-point operation speed 16GFLOPS
  • the lowest power multi-core server chip, the design of high-bandwidth, high reliability design, good scalability, support for seamless interconnection of the four processors
  • can be applied to general-purpose servers, cloud computing servers, cloud storage servers and high-performance desktop

Loongson 3B (8-core CPU):

  • 1GHz @ 65nm
  • on-chip integration 8 GS464 processor cores, each core 256 vector expansion
  • double-precision floating-point operations the speed 128GFLOPS, eight times the computing power Godson 3A
  • 8 core sharing, 4MB RAM / Cache
  • 2 64-bit 400MHz DDR2 / 3 controller
  • 2 16-bit 800MHz HyperTransport controller
  • > 600 million transistors, an area of 300mm2
  • Power consumption: <40W @ 1GHz
  • used in high performance computing, etc.
  • sample of N in November 2010, June 2011 Product

Loongson 3C (8-16 core CPU):

  • clocked at 1.5GHz @ 28nm, LP
  • in 2011 tapeout


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