Intel Xeon Naming

this link from Intel talk about processor naming

this link highlight the Xeon naming



It breaks down into:

1.  Brand (no change here).

2.  Product line (there are three…E3, E5, E7).

3.  Product family.

4.  Version (v2, v3, etc.).

The ‘product family’ actually encodes further meaning.  The first character tells how many processors are natively supported in a system, the second character, ‘socket type’, signifies processor capability, and the third & fourth are ‘SKU numbers’ which, along with the whole number, represent a collective group of capabilities a given price.  So, in the above example, it’s the ‘E7’ product line.  The ‘4’ in the ‘product family’ means it supports four processors natively in a system, and the ‘8’ is the socket type.  A ‘socket type’ of ‘8’ supports a higher general level of system capability, for example more memory and I/O, than a ‘socket type’ of ‘2’.  A given ‘socket type’ digit does not change over time….meaning the follow-on to the Intel Xeon processor E7-4800 v2 product family would be the Intel Xeon processor E7-4800 v3 product family.  The ‘8’ didn’t change.  All that changed was the version number (‘v2’ to ‘v3’).

So, where is the ‘version’ reference in the products launching today?  Well, for the first processor generations using the new numbers, there won’t be a ‘version’ reference.  This begins with the second version or ‘v2’.  Additionally, beginning with ‘v2’, Intel Xeon processors with a common version reference will share a common microarchitecture.


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