Oracle E5-2600 M3 Server

Oracle announce the server and blade based on Intel E5-2600

  • X4170M3 image
  • X4270M3
  • X6270M3 (blade)

key features

  • 4 1/10 Gbe on Board
  • PCI-3 slots
  • More and higher speed memory
  • support s10u10 and S11 and OEL 5.7/6.1
  • support w2008sp2 w2008R2sp1, suse11sp1, ESXi5.0
  • Support 4c, 6c and 8c CPU
  • X4170M3 support 16DIMM/512GB, 

    • 4 2.5″ HDD and DVDimage
    • 8 2.5 HDDimage
    • 4 3.5″ HDDimage
    • 4 PCI-3 slots image
  • X4270M3 support  16DIMM/256GB
    • 8  HDD and DVD image
    • 12 HDD image
    • 24 HDD image
    • 6 PCI-3 slotimage
    • E5-2600 :image
  • support SSD as SATA
  • ILOM3.1


  • Oracle also  update the core multipler for E5-2600  so it could means the core multipler for E5-2600=0.5
  • there is really not yet any PCI-3 HCA cards available
  • Oracle did not announce   when E5-2600 will be available in exadata or exalogic X3 system
  • image

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