TSMC get AMD orders on APU

TSMC swallow accelerate AMD processor largest single orderReporter of Chen Bizhu, Xie Jiawen / Taipei / Economic Daily NewsComputer central processor maker Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) yesterday (3) days for the first time confirmed that the first half of the company and TSMC (APU) to accelerate in the 28 nm processor.The market interpretation, AMD to deepen cooperation with TSMC not only established the TSMC 28 nm leading position, and TSMC in the first half operating off-season light hanging guarantee.TSMC takes all the orders of Advanced Micro Devices, latest products, also shows the success of TSMC 28-nanometer process chip orders grabbed from the hands of the grid the Luo Fangde (GLOBAL FOUNDRIES) for TSMC 28-nanometer process significant gains. The TSMC speech system would not comment on customer orders.TSMC 28-nanometer manufacturing process has won the Altera (Altera), Xilinx (Xilinx), Qualcomm, Huida (NVIDIA) and Advanced Micro Devices, such as customer orders, and 28 nm of revenue in the fourth quarter of last year % the proportion of about 2.1 billion yuan, 28 nm 5% accounted for the season the proportion of revenues to the end of the year is expected to increase to 10%.AMD will launch the new accelerated processing unit (APU) “Krishna,” and “in Wichita,” this year, has plans to enter the 28-nanometer process, the original show TSMC and cell Luofang De choose a situation, but the end of last year, AMD suddenly cancel the above-mentioned two new product launch plan, the industry began to widely rumored that Advanced Micro Devices will bring the latest products from the grid Luofang De Single TSMC.The third quarter of last year, grid the Luo Fangde 32nm output product production and yield defects, coupled with the plant behind the original objectives of the 45-nanometer chip supply due to technical problems, leading to Advanced Micro Devices cut seasonal forecasts.Advanced Micro Devices in the financial analysis meeting yesterday for the latest products, technology blueprint for the adjustment of an explanation, and expressed the will 28-nm products of the first half of this year by the TSMC foundry. TSMC has been made previously to the graphics processor unit (GPU) foundry large single Advanced Micro Devices 40 nanometer Brazos, AMD analyst day to say, indirectly confirmed by TSMC and AMD 28 nm again later.The legal entity that, AMD to expand cooperation with TSMC, will become one of the source of large orders TSMC 28-nanometer production capacity, but also established the leading position of the TSMC 28 nm. TSMC’s 28 nm gate design is the same design principles, and Intel and Advanced Micro Devices, Replacement of foundry partners, mean that Advanced Micro Devices, has given up the grid as Luo Fangde, IBM-based technologies. TSMC yesterday fell 0.6 yuan to close at 76.2 yuan.

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