Fujitsu/LSI 16 core SPARC64-IXfx

The register detail the new FJ SPARC64-IXfx chip and PrimeHPC FX10
and cpu-world  provide some detail


16 core

  • each core : 
    • 32KB L1 D$, 32KB L1 I$
    • two INT IU
    • two address calculaion unit,
    • four FP unit FMA  allow fat SIMD span two FP unit (8 flops/core)
    • a Storage Unit SU (Ld/Store)
  • 12MB L2$
  • integrated  memory controller/DDR3
    • 64GB
    • Bandwidth 86GB/sec
  • designed by FJ with LSI
  • Fabbed by TSMC @40nm
  • 21.9mm x22.1mm
  • 110W
  • 1.85Ghz@128flops=236 gflops
  • 4 Tofu Interconnect interface
    • handles collective operations
    • Tofu router: 10 Tofu links
    • 6D mesh/torus
    • PCI_E2 controller
    • 65nm@312.5Mhz
    • 10 bi-diectional orts@5GB/sec peak of 100GB/sec switching capacity


  • 4 SPARC64-IXfs per blade
  • 4 Tofu interconnect chips per blade
  • cooled with water blocks attached to rear door water jackets
  • base PrimeHPC FX10 
    • 64 racks@$650k
    • 6144 process
    • 385TB RAM
    • 384 I/O nodes
    • 1536 expansion slots
    • 1.5 pflops peak
    • 1.4 MegaW
  • Fujitsu Exabyte File System/variant of Lustre FS

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