HCC for ZFS Storage Appliance and Pillar Axiom Storage

Oracle 9/30/2011 announced Hybrid Columnar Compression, pioneered in Oracle Exadata , is now supported on Oracle’s Sun ZFS Storage Appliances and Pillar Axiom Storage Systems.

  • With this announcement, Oracle is bringing the storage efficiency of Hybrid Columnar Compression to customers using Oracle’s NAS and SAN systems to manage the lifecycle of data using in-database archiving for OLTP databases and data warehouses, with 10x to 50x compression for most datasets.
  • Using Hybrid Columnar Compression in these environments, customers can achieve 3x to 5x reductions in their storage footprints, energy usage and cost by replacing existing EMC and NetApp SAN and NAS storage with Oracle storage solutions.
  • For a 1PB Oracle data warehouse with networked storage, NAS or SAN, Oracle Storage with Hybrid Columnar Compression delivering 16:1 compression would require only 60TB of capacity while an EMC VNX 5700 with 3:1 database compression would require 334TB of usable capacity and cost over $800,000 – more than 7 times the equivalent Oracle storage system.
  • Hybrid Columnar Compression for Sun ZFS Storage Appliances and Pillar Axiom Storage Systems is enabled in an update to Oracle Database 11g Release 2 that will be released and demonstrated at Oracle OpenWorld in San Francisco, October 2-6, 2011.

1 oracle want not just your servers business but also your storage business
2 in a 60 min show , LJE said he want 100% win


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