solaris 10 upgrade issues

recently do some simple solaris. 10 upgrade to u8
I encounter some unexpected issues

1) when full root zone has JES installed it has new version of SUNWjato 2 .1.5 instead of the 2.1.2
when use
zoneadm -z zname attach -u
it generate ERROR about version mis match
SOLUTION: install newer SUNWjato in GZ so attach -u will pass, one can latter re-install the older version in GZ again, attach -u will generate some package e.g. SUNWcsr only partial installed and when one install SUNWjato it will generate warning, solution is move to u9 or install some patch

2) some library pkcs11 fail ELF signature verification so ssh fail
SOLUTION: reinstall SUNWcsl. from dvd again

3) vold core dump so one can not see the Solaris dvd
SOLUTION:boot cdrom-s and mount root disk in /a then copy pkgs to /var/tmp
after system boot one have dvd image to wprk with,
a better solaution would be has jumpstart server then one can just mount the OS image

4) when zonepath is using SAN with MPXIO but boot from DVD did not see the disk
so simple upgrade OS will fail due to unable to mount the FS in vftab
SOLUTION: zoneadm -z zname move to localFS, upgrade the OS, may need to detach then attach -u after upgrade

5) standard s10u8 zoneadm -z zname -U is not available
SOLUTION: need to install s10u9 patch group

6)if the GZ has STB installed that include SUNWlwact during the upgrade or attach -u it will generate ERROR about SUNWlwact only partially installed

SOLUTION: SUNWlwact need to be installed from GZ with zones running, during the upgrade or attach the zone is not running so need to pkgrm SUNWlwact inside zone and reinstall from GZ

7) during upgrade the /etc/mail/ is move to /etc/mail/sendmail/cf.old need to change back

8)/etc/snmp/conf/snmmpd.conf /etc/snmp/conf/snmpdx.reg also move to ~10 version and need to check /var/sadm/system/data/upgrade_cleanup_

9) there are many pkg could not be installed in zones in file /var/sadm/system/logs/update_log

10)after move zone from SAN to local disk and doing OS upgrade, I encounter situation that NGZ has SUNWjato 2.1.5 but OS upgrade downgrade it to 2.1.2 then apps fail to start

SOLUTION: unkown
11) with NGZ that want to use attach -u or -U it is better upgrade to s10u9 or u10
12) with live upgrade may be move to ZFS root pool
13) may be move to ldom


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