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Today Oracle announce databaseappliance target SMB

  • Available today, Oracle announced the Oracle Database Appliance, an easy-to-use, affordable, and highly available database appliance that is built using Oracle Database 11g Release 2 and Oracle Real Application Clusters on a 2-node Sun Fire server cluster running Oracle Linux.
  • The Oracle Database Appliance is an engineered system of software, servers, storage and networking that offers high availability for a wide range of custom and packaged OLTP and data warehousing application databases. .
  • The Oracle Database Appliance offers unique pay-as-you-grow software licensing for Oracle Database and related software from 2 to 24 processor cores. This allows customers to align their software spend with their business growth without the need for any hardware upgrades.
  • With proactive system monitoring, one-button software provisioning, full-stack integrated patching, and automatic phone home on hardware failures, the Oracle Database Appliance also reduces the cost and resources required to build and maintain a highly-available database system.
  • Oracle’s extensive ecosystem of partners offers customers a wide range of horizontal and industry-specific applications that can benefit from the higher availability of the Oracle Database Appliance.

    Additional information on the Oracle Database Appliance will be available during Oracle OpenWorld 2011.

  • The 4U Intel-based machine, called the Oracle Database Appliance,
  • includes two servers with built-in shared storage that allows end users to build a two-node Oracle 11gR2  RAC infrastructure.  Based on X4370 M2 that contains two separate servers in sigle enclosure
  • List price starts at $50,000 for the hardware only,
  • 24 total Intel Xeon processor cores
  • 192 gigabytes main memory
  • 12 terabytes raw disk storage; 292 gigabytes solid state storage
  • Scalable licensing per processing core from 2 to 24 cores
  • doesn’t include the Oracle Exadata Storage Server Software features such as



  • image


  • image






Observations: datasheet

  • RAC without ethernet switch, direct interconnect with ge  (internal)
  • customer can use the system without RAC
    • single Instance
    • RAC One Node
    • RAC
  • there is  24 slots for HDD, 600GB 15k rpm HDD 12TB  raw for ASM triple mirror usable 4TB
  • 4 SSD 73GB for redo logs
  • Two rear-accessible 500GB 7.2k SATA HDD mirror for OS
  • ge and 10ge the public interface (bonded)
  • Two GbeE per server node on MB
  • four PCIe2.0 slots
    • PCI internal slots dual port SAS-2 HBA
    • PCIe slot0 dual port SAS-2 HBA
    • PCIe slot 1  quad-ge
    • PCIe slot 0 dual port 10ge
  • two SAS HBA dual connecting to two server’s HDD
  • full docs download
  • FAQ
  • Technical WP

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