S10 to S11 upgrade path

Oracle OpenWorld is fast approaching and now both exadata and exalogic support Solaris

so questions: how customer can upgrade from s10 to s11?

nice blog by jeff savit

ISV guide WP

Solaris for SA

As of today 9/8/2011

  • one cannot upgrade directly from s10 to s11 for physical server
  • one can move s10 on host to solaris10 zone in s11
    • if one run s10 10/09 or
    • it is possible to use the earlier update release if you first install the kernel patch 141444-09 (SPARC) or 141445-09 (x86/x64), or later version on
    • sun4u, sun4v and x86 host, on the original system
    • SVR4 package metadata is available inside solaris10 brand, you must install patches 119254-75 (SPARC) or 119255-75 (x86/x64), or later versions, on your Oracle Solaris 10 system before the archive is created
    • zone can not be nested, existing zone need to be migrated using v2v 1st and must be in ready state so it will mount any inherited-pkg-dir resource
    • zonepath need be zfs dataset
  • (V2V) one can move native zone in s10 host to solaris10 zone in s11
    • sparse zone need be converted to whole root model for solaris10 migration
    • A sparse root zone must be in the ready state on the source system before the V2V process. This will mount any inherited-pkg-dir resources before the archive is created
  • s10 9/10 support P2V 
  • Jumpstart is history one need to use Automated Installer included
    • IPS Repo
    • DHCP server
    • AI server , install Service, boot image
  • Need network to access solaris ips Repo or use  local Network Repo
  • New package IPS replace old SVR4 pkg, but one can use SVR4 pkg in s11
  • can use Distribute Constructor to build Custom Solaris Image used By AI server
  • root is zpool only, I see no use of UFS in s11
  • Oracle recommend OEM-OC for monitoring exalogic, not yet provisioning and OEM-OC only run on S10 today and OEM server does not yet run on s10-x86, only s10-SPARC and other
  • Oracle seems to recommend OEM to monitoring linux based exadata, not sure about Solaris version
  • Oracle Solaris Cluster only support S10 today, assumed that soon there will be version to support S11




you need to accept the OTN License Agreement; you may now download this software.

Download for SPARC – Text Install (452 MB)
Download for x86 – Text Install (479 MB)
– See the Getting Started With Oracle Solaris 11 Express Guide (pdf)

The Automated Installation provides a “hands-free” network installation for multiple client systems, allowing administrators the ability to create and manage customized installation profiles for different systems. Client systems must have network access to a local IPS repository or have direct internet access.
Download SPARC (295 MB)
Download x86 (311 MB)
-See the Oracle Solaris 11 Express Automated Installer Guide (pdf)

Oracle Solaris 11 Express 2010.11 LiveCD for x86

The LiveCD provides administrators with an opportunity to explore the Oracle Solaris 11 Express environment without installing it on a system. The system boots off the media directly allowing administrators to start the installer should they choose to install it to a system.
Download x86 (687 MB)
-See the Getting Started With Oracle Solaris 11 Express Guide (pdf)


Oracle Solaris 11 Express 2010.11 Repository Image

The repository image provides administrators a complete archive of software packages to allow them to set up a local network IPS repository that client systems can connect to.

The repository image is provided in two parts that must be concatenated together. Please use the following command-line instructions to successfully create a full ISO image that can be burned to a dual-layer DVD or directly mounted using lofiadm.

user@hostname:~$ unzip sol-11-exp-201011-repo-full-iso-a.zip
user@hostname:~$ unzip sol-11-exp-201011-repo-full-iso-b.zip
user@hostname:~$ cat sol-11-exp-201011-repo-full.iso-a sol-11-exp-201011-repo-full.iso-b > sol-11-exp-201011-repo-full.iso
Download Part A SPARC, x86 (2 GB)
Download Part B SPARC, x86 (2 GB)

USB Install Images for x86

USB images require the utility ‘usbcopy’ to copy the bootable ISO image to a USB flash drive. This utility is available on Oracle Solaris 11 Express by installing pkg:/install/distribution-constructor using the pkg(1) command-line or Package Manager utility.
Download Text Install (574 MB)

 Download LiveUSB (824 MB)
Download Automated Install (373 MB)

Oracle Solaris 11 Express 2010.11 VM for Oracle VM VirtualBox

The VM images for Oracle VM VirtualBox are pre-installed virtual machine images providing developers and administrators a convenient way of evaluating the operating system and development environment using virtualization.
Download administrator image x86 (1.3 GB)

-See the Oracle Solaris 11 Express 2010.11 Administrators VM README for more details


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