setup login node in Rocks 5.4 with sge roll

there is new features in rocks 5.4.2 that one can configure login appliance

it seems that it  is only work for sge roll and not yet with torque roll

But one may need some extra steps to make the login node with even with sge roll

1)since login node now has both eth0 and eth1 interface so one need to add entry to /opt/gridengine/default/common

login-0-0 login-sge login-sge.mydomain

to the FE and run /etc/init.d/sgemaster.<cname> stop then start

2)I did not find any easy way to configure the eth1 interface and name so under


need to do

cp skeleton.xml extend-login.xml

one  need add the following between <post> </post>

<file name=”/opt/gridengine/default/common/host_aliases” cond=”sge”>


cat    /opt/gridengine/default/common/host_aliases



<file  name=”/etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth1”>









<file name=”/etc/hosts” mode=”append”  cond=”sge”>

newip   login-0-0.local login-sge.mydomain


3)run xmllint –noout extend-login.xml

make sure there is no error

4)since sge-client.xml has action  mkdir –p /opt/gridengine/default/common

one would like to make sure that extend-login.xml run after sge-client.xml

under /export/rocks/install/site-profiles/5.4/graph/default

one need to create extend-login.xml

it contain the following between <graph> </graph>

<edge from=”sge-client” cond=”sge”>



<order head=”sge-client” tail=”login-server”/>

4-a) run xmllint  -noout extend-login.xml to make sure no error

5)cd /export/rocks/install

run rocks create distro

6)one can do insert-ethers then pick login

7)one could run

rocks dump host interface login-0-0

one can run following to record some info on eth1 of login-0-0

rocks set interface name login-0-0 eth1 login-sge

rocks set host interface subnet login-0-0 eth1 public

rocks add appliance firewall login network=public service=”ssh” protocol=”tcp” action=”INPUT” chain=”ACCEPT”

rocks sync  host  interface sync

8)run  ssh login-0-0 “/boot/kickstart/cluster-kickstart”

to re-install login-0-0


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