Gridengine training materials, howto and email archive

there are some very good materials on Gridengine

  1. Dan Templeton’s Slides: Georgetown sge trainings, old links doesnot exist any more so I put these files here


  2. Bioteam trainings

SGE Admin - Overview

01 – SGE Admin – Overview

SGE Admin - Installation

02 – SGE Admin – Installation

03 - SGE Admin - Configuration

03 – SGE Admin – Configuration

04 - SGE Admin - Application Integration

04 – SGE Admin – Application Integration

05 - SGE Admin - Monitoring

05 – SGE Admin – Monitoring

06 - SGE Admin - Policies

06 – SGE Admin – Policies

07 - SGE Admin - Troubleshooting

07 – SGE Admin – Troubleshooting

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gridengine for users

Intro to Grid Engine Usage & Simple Workflows

There are two slide decks, both of which are mostly stripped of information that is unique to a particular client, customer or Grid Engine cluster.

The first presentation is a short and dry introduction aimed at a user audience – it explains what Grid Engine is, what it does and what the expectations of the users are. It then dives into commands and examples.

The second presentation is also aimed at a basic user audience but talks a bit more about workflows, pipelines and simple SGE features that make life a bit easier for people who need to do more than a few simple ‘qsub’ actions.

Sge user training 1

Grid Engine Introduction for Users

Sge user training 2

Mail archive


documents Howto


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