How do you upgrade SGE in Rockscluster?

The r5.4 come with sge6.2u5 ,

the last version of opensource gridengine  that has some new features

r5.3 has ge6.2u4 (only patches update from 6.2u3)

62.u3 has these new features

  • Inspect– This feature allows users to monitor Sun Grid Engine clusters using a graphical user interface.
  • SDM Cloud Service Adapter– This feature enables the Service Domain Manager system to use on-demand resources from “the cloud” to fulfill Service Level Objectives (SLOs) in the system.
  • Exclusive Scheduling– This feature allows the cluster to be configured to allow a job to request exclusive non-shared access to the hardware of a machine like processors, memory or built-in accelerator boards.
  • Power Saving – This feature allows you to use the functionality of the Cloud Service Adapter to implement power saving.

r5.2 has ge6.2u2 new features

ge6.2 new features

The following are the new features in Grid Engine 6.2:

r5.1 has ge6.1u5 features

Flexible Resource Quotas

The resource quotasfeature enables you to limit the maximum number of running jobs per user, user group, and projects on arbitrary resources like queues, hosts, memory, and software licenses. A firewall-like rule syntax allows an unprecedented configuration flexibility.

For information about resource quotas, see Chapter 6, Managing Resource Quotas, in Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Administration Guide. For additional details, see the qquota(1), sge_resource_quota(5), and qconf(1)man pages.

Master Bottleneck Analysis Using Solaris 10 DTrace

If your master component runs on a Solaris 10 machine, you can use the DTrace-based master monitor diagnosis utility to monitor the master and look for any bottlenecks. For more information, see Using DTrace for Performance Tuning in Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 Administration Guide and the $SGE_ROOT/dtrace/README-dtrace.txtfile.

New Command Options

You can now use the-wd option to specify the job working directory for any of the following commands: qsub, qalter, qsh, qrsh and qmon. For more information, see the man pages.

Support for Additional Operating Systems

The Sun N1 Grid Engine 6.1 release adds support for the following operating systems:

  • Linux on Itanium (IA64)
  • Apple Mac OS X on the x86 platform

r5.0 has ge6.1u4

r4.3 has ge6.1

r4.21, r4.2 has ge6.0u8

r4.1 has ge6.0u6

r4.0 has ge-v53p5

Since 6.2 SGE provide easy  procedures to upgrade to latest version from 6.1

The following describe some additional steps for user to upgrade for rockscluster, since rocks doesnot  provide binary  rpm for various version of sge.

1)for the latest r5.4 one just tar and gzip the directory /opt/gridengine then scp to  the old version  r5.1 /var/tmp

2)gunzip and tar into /var/tmp/gridengine

3)in order to run the   /var/tmp/gridengine/util/upgrade_modules/

one need to create host_aliases in /opt/gridengine/default/common/

with one line

<clustername>.mydomain <clustername>.local

This is because r5.1 to r5.3 the qmaster name  (act_qmaster)  is <clustername>.mydomain

only in r5.4 qmaster name is <clustername>.local

4)one need to stop and start the sgemaster /etc/init/sgemaster stop and then start

5)just follow the wiki docs to upgrade to the latest version of SGE

this link provide example


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