Liang yuan presentaion@IDC HPC user Forum

this link from hpcwire discuss the Liang Youan presentation @IDC HPC  2011 user Forum@houston

  • The aggregate Linpack performance of China’s TOP100 is more than 9.6 petaflops.
  • 59 percent of the systems use GigE as the interconnect; 37 percent use InfiniBand.
  • Intel processors are in 80 percent of the systems; AMD processors in 19 percent.
  • Quad-core CPUs dominate the list with an 81 percent share.
  • The top seven systems were designed and built by Chinese manufacturers or organizations.

Liang Youan 2010 IDC user Forum presentation@Beijing

It also include

A recent address by Dona Crawford, associate director for Computation at LLNL, sums the feeling rather well:

So it’s not that I want to beat China per se; it’s that I want us to have parity with them. I don’t want to rely on them for the chip technology embedded in the supercomputers we use for national security. I don’t want to rely on them for the low level software that runs my supercomputer because they figured out the parallelism before we did. I don’t want to rely on them, or anyone else, for my own standard of living, for my safety and security, for the inventions that propel us forward, for open dialog and communications, all of which rely on supercomputing. I want the U.S. to be self reliant, capable and responsible for our own prosperity.

It seems that these statements can also reflect any Other Country’s HPC direction


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