More observations on exalogic

OEM and OEM-OC are recommended but not required for exalogic.

IMHO, both  should be required, but oracle will need to speed up the functionalities and integration of:

  • provision, backup, recover/replacement of HW, SW, OS, weblogic, coherence etc
  • monitor, management of HW, SW
  • patch, OS, firmware, WL, Coherence EL
  • ASR
  • call home, zfs appliance and OEM

of combined OEM

It is very important  and for the upcoming OVM support of exalogic release.

Current management SW is the weakest part of the “integrated” exalogic ,IMHO.

Sun has try various version of “pre-integrated” system

  • VOS
  • HA-NFS
  • pre-build cluster system for HPC, RAC, Oracle-DB, coherence, weblogic …
  • …….

without much sucess.

exadata and exlogic are good concept,  but it will take few iterations for SW to catch up with HW, right now customer just need to get used to very primitive CLI.

Now Oracle can build large SMP box, time will tell oracle will keep pushing small box or will also need to push large SMP box


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