ACER and NCHC Taiwan cluster

ACER will build the new NCHC cluster in taiwan/Taichung:

  • eDC
  • AMD opteron 6100 based AR585 F1 server , 4S@8C
  • Intel xeon based AR360 F1 server, 2S@6C
  • 1.1 PB DDN storage
  • Qlogic 12800 switch
  • Platform HPC software
  • Allinea software
  • 600 servers, 70TB of memory,25000 cores

due next March 2011. Now it is due July 2011

expect top 50 of the top500 list

NCHC link


  • no GPGPU yet
  • mixing AMD and Intel
  • may be DDN will also provide Lustre
  • no HSM

About laotsao 老曹

HopBit GridComputing LLC Rockscluster Gridengine Solaris Zone, Solaris Cluster, OVM SPARC/Ldom Exadata, SPARC SuperCluster
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3 Responses to ACER and NCHC Taiwan cluster

  1. Alvyn says:

    我找 NCHC 的網站上沒有寫有關這個的消息耶.

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