Titech has team up with NEC, HP, Nvidia , Voltaire, DDN and Oracle/IBM for the TSUBAME2.0 lead by Satoshi Matsuoka

  • 1408 SL390G7 in s6500 chassis
  • SL8600G7 is 2U half-wide blade with
  1. build-in connectX2
  2. 2nd connectX2 IB HBA
  3. 3 M2050 GPGPU
  • 12 4700 (324 port IB switch), 179 4036 (36 port IB switch) and 6 4026E (34 IB port and 2 10ge port)
  • 24 4 socket 2.0Ghx 128GB
  • 8 4 socket 2.0 ghz with  256GB
  • 4 4 socket 2.0 ghz with 512GB
  • DDN storage and lustre/GPFS
  • Oracle 8PB  SL8500

About laotsao 老曹

HopBit GridComputing LLC Rockscluster Gridengine Solaris Zone, Solaris Cluster, OVM SPARC/Ldom Exadata, SPARC SuperCluster
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