Tianhe-1A 天河一号A

For the upcoming SC10 and release of top500 list due Nov/16, there are buzz on Tianhe-1A 天河一号A take top spot, key components:

  • 7168 dual socket X5670 (2.93 ghz and 6 core) 1U half wide blade
  • 7168 Nvidia M2050
  • 512  飞腾 Server( 4 socket Galaxy FT1000 飞腾 cpu (  65nm, 1Ghz, 8 core, 8 threads, openSPARC T2) that has 3HT links and 4 DDR3 memory channel and 8 PCI2.0)
  • new interconnect (by NUDT) 80gbps 2x of the QDR (40gbps) NIC  16x PCI-E2 and 16 port switch chip NRC


  • NUDT take the openSPARC spec and add the HT and DDR3 and PCI-E2
  • new highspeed private interconnect
  • Assume that it all run “linux”

this picture seems to indicate that there may be some build-in cooling to the RACK


About laotsao 老曹

HopBit GridComputing LLC Rockscluster Gridengine Solaris Zone, Solaris Cluster, OVM SPARC/Ldom Exadata, SPARC SuperCluster
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