Oracle vs Sun SPARC roadmap

This is a leak Sun SPARC roadmap on 2009

this is the update Oracle SPARC roadmap

  • 2010 T-series 1-4 Socket T3 server is Rainbow Falls based system, 16 core and 8 thread/core
  • 2011 3x Single Thread T-series 1-4 Socket T server could be Yosemite Falls 2.5 Ghz and 8  core and 8 thread/core. This could be the year that Volume SPARC T-server regain single thread/Strand performance compare to UltraSPARC IIIi/VI/VI+.  M-series will get speedbump
  • 2012 could be 28 nm Yellowstone Fall and new M-series server
  • 2013 could be 28nm  Cascade Fall
  • Sometime in 2015 the T-server and M-server will become single SPARC server

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