Some Observations on Oracle’s Practice

Oracle is very open and also very close company:

  • Oracle publish all the docs and SW on DB and apps and allow Anyone to try out the DB and apps SW.
  • Oracle publish all price and support cost for DB and apps product that include exadata,  but for HW price U can only get them from the “store”
  • Exadata V1, V2 and now X2 , there are no docs published, of course for customer that pay big $$ they can access these docs.
  • exalogic , very little information about the IB network within exalogic rack and with exadata rack, no information  on the impact of the Blocking CLOS IB Network
  • From the datasheet of x2-8 and x2-2, one can only infer the x4800 and x4170 M2 and x4270 M2 these names are not explicit mention at all
  • For “Open”World, Oracle did publish some Summary of the keynote webcast, for the full webcast one have to “PAY“, in contrast Intel IDF one can access all keynite webcast and pdf for all tech session.
  • There is phrase “the educated Customer are the best Customer“, it seems that Oracle think otherwise.

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