Microsoft HPC announcement

Oracle  announce the exit of the HPC market in recent Q1  webcast by LJE.

MSFT recent announce new offering in HPC

HPC window 2008 Server Suite

  • Accelerating Excel 2010 Performance

  • Support for Workstation Nodes

  • HPC Application Development

  • End-to-End Systems Management

  • Rapid Deployment

  • Platform for Multiple Application Types

  • Powerful, Versatile Job Scheduler

  • Diagnostics and Error Reporting

  • Service Oriented Architecture HPC Applications

  • MPI, Networking and High-Speed Interconnects

  • Security


  • Excel 2010 will be big win with SOA schduler, but one need to modify the old excel program , just like one need to re-write standard prog to MPI based.
  • It claim to scale to 1000 nodes and display in GUI
  • it support diskless notes with iscsi boot
  • Require AD

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