IAS 80 Anniversay Celebrations

Sept 24-25 My wife and I attended the  School of Mathematics and Natural Sciences Celebrations

Been away from IAS for 35 years, it is good to visit the IAS again (we did visit 5 years ago)

Many talks we will not be able to follow but the dinner talk by Dyson on the history of  IAS from his point of view worth the trip.

  • talk about failure to keep the computer at IAS after Neumann left and miss opportunity
  • talk about fail attempt to get Feynman, Gell-mann and Schwinger, Bethe to come to IAS
  • talk about Golden area of Bengt Stromgren and John  Bahcall in AstroPhysics
  • Not take credit for Ed Witten at IAS
  • Never mention Adler, Dashen, Regge and Wilczek

Dr ARKANI-HAMED talk on Fundamental Physics in 21st century is very interesting.

  • give  good argument for unified Super symmetry  Theory
  • give arguments for LHC for many new particles fo SUSY

Dr WILCZEK talk on Quanta, Symmetry and Topology is ok

  • talk about Dodecahedron
  • talk about SO(10) as extension of SU(3)xSU(2)xU(1)
  • theoretical support for SUSY

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