Sun ZFS Storage Appliance

Oracle announce the next generation of the Unify Storage,

  • move away from AMD based server to new Intel  Westmere and Nehalem-EX based server
  • Move away from  7200rpm sas-1 SATA to SAS-2 SAS HDD
  • New SAS-2 and PCI-E gen 2 IO
  • new name ZFS Storage Appliance
  • new highend 7720 that support front and back access Storage cage and more than PB capacity

The new docs for ZFS appliance

Administration Guide PDF

The Sun ZFS Storage 7000 Administration Guide (820–4167–12) provides instructions for assessing status, configuring protocols, enabling services, managing shares, observing analytics, and integrating applications on the NAS appliance software.

Analytics Guide PDF

The Sun ZFS Storage 7000 Analytics Guide (821-0782) includes conceptual information about drilldown analysis, actions, worksheets and performance impact. This guide also provides reference information for all available statistics and datasets.

Installation Guide PDF

The Sun ZFS Storage 7×20 Installation Guide (821–1673–10) includes instructions for site planning, racking, installing, cabling and configuring the 7120, 7320, 7420/7720, 7700, and Sun Disk Shelf appliance components.

Service Manual PDF

The Sun ZFS Storage 7×20 Customer Service Manual (821–1792–10) provides hardware and system maintenance information, including the following:

  • Controller and disk shelf hardware component overview information and instructions for replacing drives, fans, SIM boards, RAM, power supplies and batteries of the 7120, 7320, 7420/7720, 7700, and Sun Disk Shelf.
  • Conceptual and procedural information for managing software updates, configuration backups, uploading support bundles, repeating initial setup, resetting the system and viewing problems and logs.

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