Oracle new T3 Processor, T3 server and blade

Interesting fact on T3 Processor

  • Drop the Sun Brand
  • Up to 16 SPARC V9 cores
  • Frequency: 1.65 GHz
  • 6 MB L2E$
  • 40nm process technology
  • Up to 128 threads per CPU
  • PCI-E gen 2
  • core multiplier=0.25

T3 Server (arch WP)

  • New Naming, Drop the Sun Brand
  • Support 2GB, 4GB and 8 GB DDR3 DIMM (T3-4  support 4,8)
  • SPARC T3-1 Server, 1 Socket, 2U, 16  DIMM, 6 PCI-E, 8 HDD
  • SPARC T3-2 Server, 2 Socket, 3U, 32  DIMM, 10 PCI-E, 6 HDD
  • SPARC T3-4 Server , 4 Socket, 5U, 64 DIMM, 8 PCI-E , 8 HDD
  • SPARC T3-1B Server, 1 Socket, 1U, 16 DIMM, 4 PCI-E, 4 HDD


the product image still has Sun/Oracle image


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