Oracle exalogic elastic cloud

In oracle open world 2010 oracle announce the exalogic elastic cloud Machine

  • base on x4170 M2 2 socket and 6 core westmere 2.93 GHz and 96 GB memory, 2 SSD for BOOT and SAS HDD for storage
  • Support QDR IB HBA  (internal) and 10 ge HBA (public)
  • quarter rack, 8 server
  • half rack  16 server
  • full rack 30 server
  • full rack can connect to exadata DB rack

exalogic HW

exalogic SW stack


We will need to wait for more detail but some observations:

  • one ASSUME that the QDR IB switch has 36 port so with 30 server in full rack and 3 IB switches, two leaf switches only has 6 links to connect to spine switches.
  • With 6 links means that for upto 6 rack, one has fully connected CLOS network.
  • for 7 and 8 rack configuration, not clear how the leaf switches will connect to the spine switches
  • If one reduce the full rack from 30 servers to 28 servers then 36 port IB leaf switch will have 8 links to spine switch then with 8 rack one will have fully connected IB CLOS network

new update presentation and general link does not add any  detail on  how one connect 8 racks of exalogic and exadata together

recently I find out that for full rack of exalogic 30 server there are 1 36-port IB switch and 4 32 QDR port and 8 10 ge port IB-Gateway switch.

This answer the  questions how one connect 8 rack of exlogic servers

the 40TB storage is ZFS 7320-C  appliance with 20x2TB SAS and 4x QDR port, 4TB Flashfire SSD read cache, 72GB FlashFire SSD  write cache


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