Future of the opensource gridengine

Future of opensource gridengine

Ever since GE6.2u3 there were two version of gridengine binary:

opensource courtesy version and version that support by Sun now oracle.

The source of 6.2u3 still available.

The commerical version has some features like


new Amazon EC2 adapter and the SGE Inspect modules

and one can evaluate the binary for 90 days

6.2u5 introduce integration with Hadoop


This integration is in the Sun Grid Engine product, but not in the Grid Engine courtesy binaries that we just announced.

6.2u5 source still available.

6.2u6 was release on June, 29, 2010, bug fixes only release


This presentation on gridengine at ISC10 is very interesting





Oracle has not decided on the future opensource of oracle gridengine and as of

Aug 06 2010, 6.2u6 src is not yet available.


Interesting post by DT on the news of oracle cut HPC job

*looks like* some Oracle HPC (ie. Sun HPC) workers were axed:
At least Grid Engine is not dead, and DanT and his team are not laid off:

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