Sun Studio 12 U1

The latest production release includes improved binary application performance, full OpenMP 3.0 support, profiling of distributed MPI applications, unified application and system profiling using Solaris DTrace technology (DLight), a new standalone graphical debugger (dbxTool) and much more C/C++/Fortran 95 Compilers The Sun C, C++, and Fortran compilers include advanced features for developing applications on Sun Solaris SPARC and x86/x64 platforms. They utilize a common optimizing backend code generator, and accept standard C, C++, and Fortran with extensions.

The Sun Studio Performance Tools

The Sun Studio performance tools are designed to help answer questions about application performance. This article discusses the kinds of performance questions that users typically ask.


Successful program debugging is more an art than a science. dbx is an interactive, source-level, post-mortem and real-time command-line debugging tool plus much more.

Performance Analyzer

The Sun Studio Performance Analyzer can help you assess the performance of your code, identify potential performance problems, and locate the part of the code where the problems occur. The Performance Analyzer can be used from the command line or from a graphical user interface.

Multithreaded (Parallel) Computing

Two critical forces are shaping the direction of software development. One is the deep adoption of parallel computing. The other is the move toward service-oriented architecture. But how prepared are the software developers and tool vendors for the challenge of working in parallel computing environments?

Performance Tuning and Optimization

Sun Studio C, C++, and Fortran compilers offer a rich set of compile-time options for specifying target hardware and advanced optimization techniques. But knowing which options to pick for a given application can be tricky.

Numerical Computation

The floating-point environment on Sun SPARC and x86/x64 platforms enables you to develop robust, high-performance, portable numerical applications. The floating-point environment can also help investigate unusual behavior of numerical programs written by others.

Sun Studio on Linux

The latest production release of Sun Studio 12 software has an IDE, performance analyzer, debugger, and better support for the GNU Compiler Collection (GCC). And, with the release of Sun Studio 12, Linux developers can now take advantage of Sun’s world-class compilers and tools on the Linux platform.

Sun Performance Library

The Sun Performance Library is a set of optimized, high-speed mathematical subroutines for solving linear algebra and other numerically intensive problems. It is based on a collection of public domain applications available from Netlib. These public domain applications have been enchanced and optimized for Sun high-performance platforms.

High Performance Computing

High Performance and Technical Computing (HPTC) applies numerical computation techniques to highly complex scientific and engineering problems. Sun Studio compilers and tools provide a seamless, integrated environment from desktop to TeraFLOPS for both floating-point and data-intensive computing.

Studio 12u1 Download


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