rockscluster 5.2 announce Solaris Clients

Rocks v5.2 is released for Linux on the i386 and x86_64 CPU architectures and for Solaris on the x86_64 architecture

1. Solaris support for client nodes

With the new JumpStart Roll, one can now install and configure a Linux-based Rocks frontend to JumpStart Solaris-based back-end machines.

2. Attributes

Can assign attributes to nodes at four levels: global, appliance type, OS (e.g., Linux or SunOS), and host. An attribute can be accessed in an XML node as an entity. For example, if you assign the attribute foo with the value 123? to compute-0-0 (i.e., with the command, rocks set host attr foo 123?), then in an XML node file, you can access the value of the attribute foo with &foo;.

There will be Sun HPC cluster tool 8.2 roll and SunStudio 12u1 roll.


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