virtual iron first look

Virtual iron first look

The Virtual Iron solution consists of three components:

  • VI – Center provides a central place to control and automate virtual resources. It streamlines tasks that are normally highly manual and time-intensive and significantly reduces data center costs and complexity. Run on Linux and window server
  • Virtual Iron Virtualization Services are deployed automatically on bare-metal, industry-standard servers without requiring software installation or management. These features streamline data center management and reduce operational costs. Support server with Intel-V and AMD-V capability. Support Linux and window VM
  • Open Source Virtualization (Xen based)

Price $799/socket

Datasheet Feature Benefit

  1. LiveProvisioning: A “zero touch” automated deployment capability that eliminates the need for physical installation or management of virtualization software on physical servers
  2. Virtual Storage Management: Create virtual storage on the fly from local, fibre channel or iSCSI storage servers
  3. Virtual Network Management: Create virtual switches that allow virtual machines to use standard networks or vLANs transparently
  4. Virtual Machine Creation Wizard:Use the virtual machine create wizard to simply create virtual infrastructure by cloning existing templates or creating new servers
    • Up to 8 CPUs
    • Up to 32 GB RAM
    • Up to 5 NICs with unique MAC addresses
    • Scheduling priority
    • Resource throttling
  5. LiveMigration: Migrate workloads from one physical server to another, for example to provide additional capacity, without any application downtime.
  6. LiveCapacity: LiveCapacity optimizes virtual machine performance and data center utilization. It accomplishes this by rebalancing nodes by moving virtual machines when the node’s CPU utilization is above a threshold.
  7. LiveRecovery: Automates virtual machine recovery from physical hardware failures without the cost and complexity of clustering software. Virtual machines can be automatically restarted on new hardware when physical hardware fails, reducing outage duration and operational costs
  8. LiveMaintenance: LiveMaintenance automates the process of taking a physical server out of service for maintenance, such as adding more physical memory, without impacting the virtual machines running on it. LiveMaintenance uses LiveMigrate to move virtual machines — without stopping operating systems or applications — to other nodes in the virtual data center.
  9. LiveSnapshot: LiveSnapshot creates space-efficient point in time images of running or stopped virtual machines. LiveSnapshot makes it easy to try patches and roll back to previous states, or backup a running virtual machine.
  10. LivePower: LivePower optimizes data center power consumption by monitoring resource utilization in the virtual data center. When there is excess CPU capacity, LivePower consolidates virtual machines onto fewer servers and shuts down physical servers that are not running virtual machines, based on pre-defined policies. When virtual machine load increases beyond pre-defined thresholds, LivePower turns on physical servers and LiveMigrates virtual machines to rebalance the virtual data center and ensure that resource requirements and service levels are met.
  11. LiveConvert: An automated software solution powered by PlateSpin that enables customers to easily migrate 32-bit Windows workloads (data, applications, and operating systems) from physical, virtual and image-based infrastructures. LiveConvert provides Virtual Iron users with the ability to quickly migrate workloads between physical servers and virtual machines allowing users to quickly achieve the benefits of large-scale server consolidation.
  12. Jobs and Reports: View historical information on system performance or administrative actions in the data center. Useful for capacity planning, billing, and 404 auditing.
  13. User based access control: Perform user management locally or connect with Microsoft Active Directory or LDAP servers. Prevent unauthorized users from using the system. Monitor changes based on user actions for compliance purposes.
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