Sun Storage 7xxx Unfied Storage System

Sun announced Sun Storage 7xxx Unified System the first product of the family 7110, one can find the docs here

Product Description The Sun Storage 7000 Unified Storage products provide efficient file and block data services to clients over a network, and a rich set of data services that can be applied to the data stored on the system. The Unified Storage Systems include support for a variety of industry-standard client protocols, including: * CIFS * NFS * HTTP * WebDAV * iSCSI * FTP Your Unified Storage System also includes new technologies to deliver the best storage price/performance and unprecedented observability of your workloads in production, including: * Analytics, a feature for dynamically observing the behavior of your system in real-time and viewing data graphically. * The Hybrid Storage Pool, composed of optional Flash-memory devices for acceleration of reads and writes, low-power, high-capacity disks, and DRAM memory, all managed transparently as a single data hierarchy. To manage the data that you export using these protocols, you can configure your Unified Storage System using our built-in collection of advanced data services, including: * RAID-Z (RAID-5 and RAID-6), Mirrored, and Striped * Snapshots, unlimited read-only and read-write, with snapshot schedules * Built-in Data Compression * Remote Replication of data for Disaster Recovery * Active-Active Clustering (in the Sun Storage 7410) for High Availability * Thin Provisioning of iSCSI LUNs * Virus Scanning and Quarantine * NDMP Backup and Restore To maximize the availability of your data in production, the Sun Storage products include a complete end-to-end architecture for data integrity, including redundancies at every level of the stack. Key features include: * Predictive Self-Healing and Diagnosis of all System FRUs: CPUs, DRAM, I/O cards, Disks, Fans, Power Supplies * ZFS End-to-End Data Checksums of all Data and Metadata, protecting data throughout the stack * RAID-6 (DP) and optional RAID-6 Across JBODs * Active-Active Clustering for High Availability * Link Aggregations and IP Multipathing for Network Failure Protection * I/O Multipathing between the Sun Storage 7410 and JBODs * Integrated Software Restart of all System Software Services * Phone-Home of Telemetry for all Software and Hardware Issues * Lights-out Management of each System for Remote Power Control and Console Access


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