solaris 10 05/09 u7 release what’s new

what new features of 05/09 (u7) release: what new

  • Support Added for Using ZFS ClonesWhen Cloning a Zone
    1. If the source and the target zonepaths reside on ZFS and both are in the same pool, a snapshot of the source zonepath is taken and the zoneadm clone uses ZFS to clone the zone.
    2. You can specify to copy a ZFS zonepath instead of specifying to clone the ZFS. If neither the source nor the target zonepath is on ZFS, or if one is on ZFS and the other is not on ZFS, the clone process uses the existing copy technique.
  • iSCSI target update, performance and reliability improvements
    1. Improved TCP/IP timeout recovery
    2. iSCSI initiator invoked SCSI RESETs
    3. Code path and memory leak cleanup
    4. Improved interoperability with Target Port Group Tags (TPGT), unidirectional and bidirectional CHAP authentication, and RADIUS server support
    5. Improved Internet StorageName Service (iSNS) support, including recovery from unavailable iSNS servers
    6. Updated SCSI-3 Persistent Reserve functionality that enables the use of the functionality in various clustering solutions on both Solaris and other operating systems
  • The Solaris iSCSI Target release now supports a wide variety of iSCSI initiators for the following operating systems:
    1. Solaris 10
    2. OpenSolaris
    3. Linux: RedHat Enterprise Linux (RHEL), Suse, and Ubuntu
    4. VMWare ESX
    5. Microsoft Windows (XP, Vista, Server 2003, Server 2008, Windows Cluster Server)
    6. MacOSX
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