rocks 5.0 released

download; new features:

  • Xen Support:
    You can use the Xen Roll to create VM Containers: physical machines that are used to hold Xen-based virtual machines. The Rocks Command Line was expanded to help build and maintain VMs (e.g., rocks create host vm compute-0-0-0? is used to install a VM).
  • Fully-Programmable Partitioning
    The partitioning of client nodes (e.g., compute nodes and tile nodes) has been retooled. You can supply Red Hat partitioning directives to any node by writing a program in the pre section which populates the file /tmp/user_partitioning_info. The program can be as simple as small bash script that echos Red Hat partitioning directives or as complex as a python program that outputs partitioning info based on: the nodes name, the nodes membership, the number of disks in the node or the type of disks in the node. See the Base Roll documentation for details.
  • OS: Based on CentOS release 5/update 1 and all updates as of April 29, 2008
  • Condor: updated to v7.0.1
  • Ganglia: Ganglia Monitor Core updated to v3.0.7
  • Ganglia: phpsysinfo updated to v2.5.4
  • Ganglia: rrdtool updated to v1.2.23
  • HPC: The HPC roll is now optional. You can build a bare-bones cluster by using only the Kernel Roll, OS Rolls (disk 1 and 2) and the Base Roll
  • HPC: MPICH updated to v1.2.7 patch 1)
  • HPC: MPICH2 added to the roll (v1.0.6 patch 1)
  • HPC: OpenMPI added to the roll (v1.2.6)
  • SGE: SGE updated to 6.1 update 4
  • SGE: Added tight integration for SGE and OpenMPI
  • Area51: chkrootkit updated to v0.48
  • Area51: tripwire updated to v2.4.1.2
  • Bio: Biopython updated to v1.45
  • Bio: Clustalw updated to v2.0.5
  • Bio: Fasta updated to v35.3.5
  • Bio: NCBI toolbox updated to Mar 2008 version
  • Bio: MpiBlast updated to v1.5.0-pio and is patched against the NCBI toolbox Mar 2008 version
  • Bio: Phylip updated to v3.67
  • Bio: T_coffee updated to v5.65
  • Bio: Gromacs and MrBayes are now MPI Enabled and compiled against rocks-openmpi

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