why blade?

In a very short time span Sun has introdce SB8000, SB8000P , SB6000 and SB6048 chassises and x8400, X8420 and X8440 for SB8000 and SB8000P and X6220, X6250, T6300,T6320 for SB6000 and SB6048.
One should ask what is the advantage of the blade?

  • Serviceability: CMM,PCIE EM are hot pluggabke,NEM is cold replaceable without the need to open any bldes
  • Reduce Cabling: with CMM’s build in management network one use one cable to manage 10 or 12 ILOM. with shared power supply, one can use few power cable to support 10 or 12 blade servers
  • Reduce Power requirement: due to the consolidated fan, overall power requirement is less than to corresponding 10 or 12 rack servers:
  • IB leaf switch NEM for SB6048: reduce IB cabling with new IPASS+ connector and cables
  • SB6000 support intel, AMD and UltraSPARC T1 and T2 chips sets

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