CMT laptop/deskside

As Sun rolling out the next generation CMT server and opensparc chipset and Ldom It seems that it is also time for a deskside server or even a laptop


  • Many more developer/User can take advantage of this exciting new CMT and V12N
  • More echo responsible
  • expose more user to this echo friendly system

About laotsao 老曹

HopBit GridComputing LLC Rockscluster Gridengine Solaris Zone, Solaris Cluster, OVM SPARC/Ldom Exadata, SPARC SuperCluster
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1 Response to CMT laptop/deskside

  1. I would love a desktop/side Ultra T2 system even if its just 2-4 cores rejects that don’t make it into servers. Java is proliferating, people are running multiple apps and applets, OS virtualization, want to convine developers to use your systems give something this that can build there apps 5-10 times faster than anything in the price range.

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