Solaris x86, MATLAB , xVM and V12N, BrandZ

One of roadblock for Solaris x86 adoption in HPC field is lacking of the MATLAB port

MATLAB is a widely used tool in computional and simulation

Solaris 09/07 does add a new feature of brandZ that sill suport 32-bit redhat and run MATLAB in 32-bit mode

There is some work to extend BrandZ support for 2.6 linux in opensolaris since b72, very interesting work by cummunity

Upcoming Solaris xVM can run redhat 5 64-bit in PVM mode or redht 4 64-bit in HVM mode. So one can run MATLAB in 64-bit together with other apps in Solaris 64-bit

Of course one can use other OS as base to run Solaris and linux

  • vmware ESX support Solaris 10 and redhat , suse and window
  • Redhat , CentOS 5 support linux, window, Solaris
  • Suse 10 support linux, window, Solaris
  • xensource support linux and window

One issues need to workout, DRM software like SGE and PBS and LSF need to deal with this new V12N environment.

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