Fatherhood 2.0

I was reading this article in Time on fatherhood 2.0

Now my two sons are all grow up and realized that I am really a early adapter of the FH2.0.

I met my wife as classmate in NTU and come to SUNY SB for graduate school together

When our 1st son was born, she start commute to NYC from Princeton, I am the one take our son to baby sitter in the morning and pick him up in the afternoon.

When we were in NYC, our son attend the pre-school in the Univ and She need to commute to Brooklyn and send our son to school and pick him up again.

I am not a great cook but I can do survival cooking, washing cloths and shopping for foods and both our sons can take care themself after their dad

About laotsao 老曹

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1 Response to Fatherhood 2.0

  1. Dave Pickens says:

    Good for you Hung-sheng. I always knew there was something good about you. 😉 Plus I can totally relate… survival cooking. LOL

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