HA in Sun env

HA/DR in Sun Env

Different ways to achive HA/DR

  • Suncluster
  • VCS
  • directory server : multi master replication
  • NHAS: using AV suite to replicate data for non-share storages
  • Access manager: using MQ and sleepcatDB to replicate sessions
  • NAS5000: own HA software
  • SF4900, SF6900, E20K and E25K SC
  • Blade8000’s CMM.
  • oracle 10gRAC with CRS , NAS5320
  • oracle 9i, 10g with NAS snapshot and remote mirroring
  • oracle 9i, 10g with AV snapshot and remote mirroring
  • oracle 9i, 10g with HDS truecopy
  • SAM-FS and SAM-remote

Some mechansims are totally private and user donot have any access to the application interface (like the case in SC and CMM and HA-NAS)
Sun’s NAS solution provide a very interesting fundation for many HA/DR solutions

  • it support oracle 10g RAC without any cluster software, this make it very easy to setup, some may argue about the performance of NAS devices, but 10gE and IB will provide higher bandwidth acess
  • it also support oracle with its replication and snapshot SW for Backup and DR purpose

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