cachefs and diskless client

cachefs and disksless clients

There is renew interests in diskless clients

Solaris used to support autoclient that can support remote disk boot in case the server is not available

In Solaris 10 we still has cachefs support for NFS mounted file system

To save the network bandwidth one can use the cachefs as backend for the readonly file systems

  • /usr
  • /opt/apps/

Since there are only two commands in diskless boot environment

  • smosservice : create/delete/modify osservice
  • smdiskless: create/delete/modify diskless clients

There are many way to automatated the cachfs setup for /usr and /opt/apps, one way is to run a S99post-install-cachefs scripts that will

  • check the existence of the /cacheusr and /cacheapps directory in the 1st disk of the client
  • run cfsadmin -c /cacheusr; cfsadmin -c /cacheapps
  • modify the client’s /etc/vfstab and auto_master and auto_apps file to add the cachefs options:

    /apps auto_apps -fstype=cachefs,cachedir=/cacheapps,backfstype=nfs4

  • rm -rf /etc/rc3.d/S99post-install-cachefs

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