observation on oracle 10gR2 RAC and solaris 10

oracle 10gR2 RAC and solaris 10

Recently announced Sun Cluster 3.1 u4 (8/05) provide support for solaris 10
oracle 10gR2 can run on solaris containers (zone) on solaris 10 (sparc and x86)
Suncluster provide some (free) HA services for solaris zone, so one can configure cluster for 10gR2 running inside local zones
oracle 10gR2 RAC, at this time, is not supported inside local zone
When one read through the documentation on RAC and suncluster, it try to cover 9irac and 10g RAC and various verion of solaris, it is not easy to follow various options and tasks
I try to summarize what I understand

  • the support for 10gR2 RAC and solaris 10 sparc and x64 are official
  • 10g RAC donot required any cluster resource at this point in time, because Oracle Cluster Manager manages the start and stop of the RAC resources but SC will introduce some 10gRAC resource to help to manage the 10gRAC in next release
  • For FS support, NAS 5320 http://www.sun.com/storagetek/oracle/OracleUsage_10gRAC_NAS5000.pdf and Netapps NAS seems the simplest
  • For FS support one can also use QFS , one need to make sure one configured HA for the metadata servers and understand how QFS works
    1. Sparc server upto 8 node
    2. x64 server upto 4 nodes
    1. Installation of Oracle RAC framework is optional for 9iRAC but recommended
    2. Installation of Oracle RAC framework is required
    3. SNWscuam, SUNWudlm, SUNWudlmr and SUNWscmd
    4. Installing Oracle RAC Framework ORCLudlm
    5. use scsetup to create RAC framewrok RG
    6. modify /etc/system
      1. set shmsys:shminfo_shmmax=4294967295
  • For non-FS and for recoverbility, it seems that one need to use the combination of ASM and CFS. ASM should build on top of HW-RAID devices

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