observations on pathscale and pgroup compiler

during the break I spend some time going through the docs for pathscale (1.4) and pgroup CDK compilers (5.2) The followings are my observations:

    EKO 1.4

  • EKO 1.4 doesnot support openmp (2.0 will support fortran openmp)
  • EKO concentrate on opteron, Athlon64 and Athlon64FX (it also support EM64T)
  • it has node lock to macaddress and uid or floating license and number of users and lease time
  • EKO 1.4 is a 32-bit apps but can generate 64-bit or 32-bit binary
  • EKO 1.4 support small or medium memeory models, 2GB is the boundary
  • EKO 1.4 has assign() procedure to assign the I/O
  • pathopt can use XML option file to do multiple different build
  • PGI CDK 5.2-2

  • support node lock and network multiple user license
  • support HFH with pghfh
  • support window env
  • ACML 2.1
  • support openmp
  • include MPICH 1.2.6
  • TORQUE1.0.1
  • scaLAPACK
  • some tutorial from OSC anf HPF

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