vmware/SCS2.2 experience

my experience on using vmware and JDS is very positive.

The followings are some ovservations:

  • when doing snapshot, make sure you have enough disk space, otherwise your guest OS will become not usable
  • In SCS-2.2, I was able to setup kickstart for RHel3, jumpstart for s9x and s10x using DVD.iso but so far my kickstart work for RH3 but jumpstart fail for s9x or s10x
  • as vmware OS start up if you default to PXE boot and one can get the MAC address
  • in order for OS to be managed by SCS one require wget to be installed and you need to run hostinstall.pl install script
  • SCS require space in iso directory then it will upload to another directory, so you need lots disk space
  • upgrading version of SCS2.2 require you remove the SW, there are scripts that help you save the profile and payload but you will need re-create the distribution 😦

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