MPI over Infiniband

There are many implementations of MPI over Infiniband, from google search, one find:

  • MVAPICH(MPI-1 over VAPI for InfiniBand): This is an MPI-1 implementation. It is on Verbs Level Interface (VAPI), developed by Mellanox Technologies . The implementation is based on MPICH and MVAPICH. MVAPICH is pronounced as “em-vah-pich”. The latest release is MVAPICH 0.9.4 (includes MPICH 1.2.6) support G5, IA-32, IA-64, x86_64
  • MVAPICH2 (MPI-2 over VAPI for InfiniBand): This is an alpha version of MPI-2 implementation over InfiniBand based on the beta-test version of MPICH2. It is on Verbs Level Interface (VAPI), developed by Mellanox Technologies . MVAPICH2 is currently available for IA-32 architecture
  • scali MPI support any interconnect providing a DAT interface (uDAPL). This enables the MPI to utilize the latest performance enhancements and uDAPL implementations provided by third part vendors. ( Expanded support for InfiniBand. The following versions or later are supported: InfiniCon 2.1, Mellanox 3.1, Topspin 2.0 and Voltaire 2.1
  • MPICH2-CH3 Device for Infiniband Based on the Verbs interface, use Mellanox Verbs implementation VAPI, this project implements the CH3 interface of MPICH2 – a so called MPICH2-CH3-IB Device.
  • LAM/MPI 7.1 it is possible to make use of the high bandwidth and low latency of Infiniband networks. LAM/MPI provides Infiniband support using the Mellanox Verbs Interface (VAPI). Currently LAM/MPI uses the Infiniband send/receive protocol for tiny messages and RDMA for long messages. RDMA for tiny messages will be expored in the near future

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