Infiniband in Solaris 10

Solaris 10 introduce support for Infiniband devices

System Adminstration Guide: Devices and File Ssytem

Chapter 9 Using Infiniband Devices

  • Overview of Infiniband Devices
  • Dynamically Reconfiguration IB Devices With cfgadm
  • Using the uDAPL Application Interface With Infiniband Devices

Solaris include tavor driver operates on Mellanox MT23108 Infiniband ASSP.

  • This ASSP supports the link and physical layers of the IB specification, while the ASSP and the driver support the transport layer.
  • The tavor driver interfaces with the IB Transport Framework (IBTF) and provides an implementation of the Channel Interfaces. It also enables management applications and agents to access the IB fabric.
  • Infiniband IPoIB device driver: ibd, provides basice support for the IBA Unreliable Datagram Queue Pair HW.
  • SCSI RDMA Protocal Driver:ibsrp , supports mechanisms for performing SCSI-3 transactions ove an IB-based RDMA transport
  • IB Transport Layer : ibtl, adhers IBA 1.1, PI for IB Channel Interface and IB Transport Interface

The main and first major application for IB in Solaris 10 is the NFSv4 support over RDMA.

In Solaris 10 release, if RDMA for Infiniband is available, RDMA is the default transport for NFS.

Other potential applications:

  • SunCluster for oracle 9iRAC and 10g
  • MPI application over IB

There was a Infiniband Summit HW IHV 2000 that contain many presentations.


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