HA-ALEPH of Ex Libris library system

ALEPH of Ex Libris Library system

Could be implemented in a three tiers environment

  • web tier, few servers that run apache web server behind LB
  • Application server, that run the main applications server , FAT PC clients servers
  • Database server, e.g. oracle 9i

In solaris/sparc server environment, one can also add the Java Enterprise Cluster SW to make the ALEPH 500 of Exlibris library system Hightly Available.

  • DB server can be protected by the HA-oracle agent
  • For app server, one can use the Sunplex agent builder to build HA-agent for AS using the scripts:
    1. /usr/local/bin/start_aleph
    2. /usr/local/bin/stop_aleph

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