Solaris Jumpstart using ufsdump and ufsrestore


Solaris Jumpstart is one popular method to install Solaris OS, It has evolued from just install individual Solaris pkg to install with Flash archive(flar). and from installed based oncdrom, NFS to http, ftp and from LAN to WAN.

The flar is based on cpio archive and some manifist to descript the flar

We discuss another possibility, use the ufsdump and ufsrestore in place of cpio.

We had use this method many years ago before feature of flar.

The steps

  • Install Solaris interactively, add patches, add new local SW etc
  • create ufsdump of the installed Solaris + SW
  • usee add_install_server to setup jumpstart server
  • use add_install_client to setup client to be jumpstarted
  • add the profile to rule and this profile only install SUNWcore
  • create post-script and in this post-script
    1. one will save all the files referenced by the sys-unconfig man page
    2. use ufsrestore to restore the ufssdump image to /a
    3. copy back the saved files from step 1

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