Solaris 9 Tuning parameters change

Each version of Solaris Change some default parameters in Solaris kernel
Those changes, should be documented in the release note, but AFAIK is not..
They are documented in the document  Solaris Tuunable Parameters Reference Manual
Here let’s discuss few of them on Appendix


Range 1 to 2048 to: Range 1 to 2048, based on physical memory without any setting in the /etc/system file. 1 to 4096, if set in the /etc/system file.


Default 1024  to: Default 65,536


Limit on the number of shared memory segments that any one process can attach.


Default 1,048,576 to:Default 8,388,608


Range 1 to 0 (unlimited) to Range 0 (unlimited) to MAXINT


Range 1 millisecond to 20 seconds to: Range 1 millisecond to 2 hours


Default 16384 to Default 49,152


Default 24576 to Default 49,152

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